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Available for Rollback & Winch-Out Service

Shallotte Discount Towing tows vehicles in the Shallotte, North Carolina, area. If you have a broken down vehicle on the highway or you are stranded because you were in an accident, contact us for rollback service and off-road recovery. Our seasoned tow truck driver is available to provide quick service all day, every day, while having the best prices with the fastest service around. Credit cards are accepted for payment.

Winch-Out Service

If you are stuck in the mud, sand, snow, or an uneven section of road, turn to us for winch-out service. Our driver will get to you quickly and work diligently to get your vehicle unstuck.

Vehicle Storage

If you have a vehicle that has been damaged in an accident and cannot be driven, let us know. We can tow it to our secure lot and store it for you. 

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Towing Vehicles We Use

Our company uses two types of towing vehicles. A rollback truck, also known as a flatbed truck, sets vehicles flat on the truck bed. Our wrecker truck lifts the front end of a truck or car into the air to tow it. Typically, this is used for larger vehicles. We use these trucks in many situations including winch outs and off-road recoveries, as well as for other light- and some medium-towing services.