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If your car breaks down, turn to Shallotte Discount Towing for 24-hour towing service in the Shallotte, North Carolina, area. View testimonials from some of our past satisfied customers.

"My wife's car broke down at Holden Beach NC and I was 350 miles away. I spoke with Dan and found him to be responsive and fairly priced. He suggested reasons why I should consider getting the car serviced in Wilmington vs Myrtle Beach which proved to be good advice. He picked up the van promptly, returned my wife and son back to the house where they were staying and then delivered the van to a service center in Wilmington, NC by 9:00 a.m. the following morning. Saved my a$$. Period. If you need towing services in or around Supply, NC, I recommend calling Dan at Discount Towing."

- Rick L.

"I was going to Wilmington and got a flat tire half way there and I didn't have a spare. This was the first ad that popped up on my phone and realized why. He came quickly and loaded my car like it was nothing. He gave me a ride back to my house, kind and conservative, and dropped off my car and it was soooooo much cheaper than what I was expecting. Saved me money and frustration, happy happy happy."

- Greg T.

"I was broke down in the middle of the night and nobody else was available. I called discount towing and he was there very quickly, he was a very nice guy...and had very speedy and very nice service. I recommend him to all of my friends and family also he had very reasonable prices"

- Hayley R.

"Received a tow from Discount towing and he arrived fast and was very friendly and helpful, would definitely use again!"

- Barb R.